About Black Ice

Black Ice is Fiona and Rain's original comic about two families and their problems. It contains Yaoi (If you don't know what Yaoi is you shouldn't be here..) and straight relationships (also has a bit of Yuri). Over all it's a Romance/Drama/Comedy filled with strange plots and fourth wall breeching.

Fiona and Rain first started planning Black Ice in the beginning of 2004. They continue to create the story and make their comic a reality.


Real Name: Austen

Age: 15

Job: I get to brainstorm story ideas and make Rain write it down in her horrible handwriting.

Favorite Color: Black and Red. I want those to be the colors of my wedding dress.

Favorite Character: It's hard to choose because they are all so cute, but I guess I choose Tasuke.

Favorite Couple: Tasuke and Kichigaio!

Favorite Scene: Don't have one yet.

Other: I love the frying pan and dictionary!

Rain Drop:

Real Name: Sara

Age: 16

Job: I get to draw ^^ Oh.. And I write some of the story. Plus I get to update most of the page (Fiona doesn't get keenspace yet.. Gotta teach ^^)

Favorite Color: Purple! I like Green, silver, black, and white as well..But PURPLE ROCKS! XD

Favorite Character: Do I need a favorite? ;.; Probably Tasuke.. He's the easiest to draw ^^;

Favorite Couple: Of course! The Yaoi couple! Tasuke and Kichigaio ^^

Favorite Scene: Well.. It hasn't come up yet.. But when it does, I'll tell you ^.~

Other: Check out one of my other sites.. The Dreamers Inc.
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