Character Profiles

Shichou Kichigaio

Description: His hair is short and thinnish- strait. It is a dirty blonde color. Eyes are narrow and blue. Skin is semi brownish- he's half Asian, half European. Slightly muscular.

Age: 17

Birthday: January 29th (Aquarius)

Blood Type: AB

Favorite colors: Blue, Red, and Purple.

Favorite foods: Miso soup, Ramen, and crackers.

Favorite drinks: Chocolate milk and Raspberry soda.

Favorite trees: Maple trees.

Favorite flowers: Lilies.

Favorite stones:Garnet and Sapphire.

Favorite animals: Dogs and Whales.

Hates: Other gangs, weaker people crying, and being alone.

Personality: He never has a temper unless someone is hurt. He is usually pretty quiet unless he has something to say. He is very smart, but never goes to class resulting in bad grades.

Other: He is Youko's brother.
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