Character Profiles

Itou Tasuke

Description: Layered auburn hair- very "out there" (see pictures). Brown eyes. Petite figure- tall for an asian though.. His style varies with his mood.

Age: 16

Birthday: September 26th (Libra)

Blood Type: A

Favorite colors: Black, white, and blue.

Favorite foods: Ramen and cakes.

Favorite drinks: Milk and tea.

Favorite trees: None.

Favorite flowers: Tulips and Wild flowers.

Favorite stones: Sapphires and Opals.

Favorite animals: All.

Hates: Creepy gang people and insects.

Personality: Tasuke is often quiet and smiles a lot. He has a nack for provoking people into things. He really doesn't know when to shut his mouth, which often leads to him getting beat up a lot. He is extremely smart and earns his A's in school.

Other: He is Nakuko's older brother.
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